Lena Sionti



I gratuated the Architectural School of the University of Thessaloniki in 2000. From 2001 till 2003 I attended a master's course on landscape architecture at the School of Architecture (ETSAB) of the Polytecnic Foundation (UPC) of Barcelona.

Since 2003, when I finished my master's course, till today I work freelance in my own office (architectural projects, projects of interior design, landscaping, architectural competitions).

Lately I had a daughter and a son, who consisted, along with their planet, the reason for this website.


“My dream room would be...”


All of us, as kids, we have written or have thought how would our room turn into a magic place. Therefore, having worked for many years as an architect on architectural projects and iterior design projects, when it was the time for me to design my childrens' rooms, I was found in front of a market flooded with objects inspired by cartoon heroes, along the way and from my own experience I realised that I can find original, alternative solutions, which would give style and personality to their own rooms. The right combination of original objects with other simple objects unexpectedly may transform a common room to a space with a design while at the same time it may be extremely functional. An entire planet at some space of the house, where litlle people live, sleep, dream, relax, play, share secrets.

my dream room


Children's rooms “grow up” along with their owners and they host memories of different ages. Each child's room could narrate a unique, moving and fascinating story, whilst changing through the years. It's up to you to create for your little one this magic box which will contain the memories of his/hers whole childhood. I could be part of this effort, with a personalized design proposal and together we will provide your child with a place to enjoy and to evolve as he/she grows older.

The practical needs of a kid's room are very important : Choosing kids friendly materials, safety, storage organization, lighting are only some of the parameters. All these features should adapt to each child's personality and of course to the different form of each room. At the same time,there are countless choices about furniture and decoration, that's why a market research for affordable solutions is necessary , always based on a proper and creative design.

Our main concern is to give children the possibility to grow up in a space that will allow them to improvise and to interact with it spontaneously.

Kids' imagination leads us to a different path for each child, that's why each room has its own amazing story to narrate. Therefore I take up projects of kids rooms design, and together with your litlle people, we create these imaginary lands, that will contain their childhood memories.