K. nursery

Konstantinos, 2 years old.


Konstantinos' nursery is 9m² and responds to the needs of a toddler. He still hasn't gathered a ton of toys, he still spends many hours in his cradle and often needs someone to spend time with him during some difficult nights. He is emotionaly really close with the rest of the family, and as he doesn't go to school yet, he often talks with the pictures, where he sees himself growing up since he was a baby till now, along with his beloved ones. The personalized carousel wallpaper above his cradle, “narrates” a symbolic dreamy fairy tale about the baby's transition from birth to childhood and stands out as a point of reference in his room.


Y. room

Yvonne, 5 years old.


Yvonne's room is 9 m² and has a north east orientation, which means that it is full of natural light during morning hours. This is why the choices of the colour palette and the materials are in soft pastel colours, so that it remains bright throughout the day.

As all children at preschool age, she needs storage space for her tiny toys and plenty of space to spread them. She also spends time at her room painting, so even though she doesn't have to study for school yet, she still needs a clean surface for her handicrafts.

The framed photos of her beloved people and the fairies stickers above her bed, constitute a part of her planet, where all these people coexist and keep her company, filling her dreams with safety and fairy tales. The chinese cherry blossom floral pattern wallpaper has a background of her favourite colour, blue, and as a texture gives a soft touch to the wall.


Evridiki, 10 months old.


Evridiki's nursery is 12m2 and serves the baby's and her parents' needs as well – during this age, they spent quite a time in her room. Evridiki's mom is an interior designer , so the decision about colours and materials was made really soon and with absolute consciousness that the room would have to evolve from a nursery to a toddler' room. The feelings of calmness and safety were this design's principles, that's why the room didn't end up filled up with confusing textures or small decorative stuff. At the same time, it remains functional for diaper-changing, crowling and playing, leaving free plenty of room for the parents to move during some difficult nights.

E. nursery


Ariadni, 5 years old.


Ariadni's room occupies 9m² and at the beginning of the project it already contained her two leveled bunk bed. The first thing she asked for, was for us to create a loft bed for sleeping “upstairs” and playing “downstairs. At the same time, her parents decided to provide her with a study corner, with the perspective to help her familiarize with the process of studying for the elementary school. That's how we came up with a multi-zone space, the zones being characterized by their use and their limits being clarified by Ariadni herself, depending on her needs and activities. Plenty of storage for books and toys, free space role games, craft works and reading were the basic parameters for the design process. The decorative choices were based on Ariadni's desire to enjoy proudly her paintings on the wall and to read her favorite books in her cosy nook. An achievement also, was that in her renewed room, she felt as if she grew up and that she has an agenda full of important tasks to do at her new desk. The study space will be evolving with her, as the blackboard painted surface behind the desk, will function as a canvas for her to write down or draw whatever she finds important at the time.

A. room


Iro, 3.5 years old


Iro's room occupies 9m² and it is orientated to the south, which means that it has plenty of light all day long. The colors chosen by her parents since she was still a baby, were pastel yellow – beige shade for the walls and light blue – sapphire shade for the ceiling. When Iro became a toddler, we adjusted her room according to her new needs, maintaining the basic principles that already existed from her nursery : Sleeping, playing, crafting, all activities should be easily practiced by Iro herself, without asking help from the grown-ups all the time. Therefore, we followed Montessori's theory as a main direction, concerning the space kids live in, and we created a sleep area on the floor, encouraging the little girl's independence. We also created storage spaces for various groups of toys, so as to make it easy for Iro to clean up the room quickly and enjoy peaceful moments. Her simple activities table, was decorated with butterflies by her grandmother, with decoupage, while her grandfather, an old craftsman, made the birds' house lamp that we put next to her “bed”.Her mom, transformed two simple wooden boxes, to low stools with storage space inside and like that, little by little Iro's toddler room took its shape, with lots of creativity, initiative and love.


I. room


V. room

Vasiliki, 7 years old.


 Vasiliki is 7 years old and she has started to go to the primary school, so she needed to refresh her toddler room and to adjust it to her new schedule. Her room already contained her bed and the library, so the color palette was specified from the beginning. Her new, custom made desk and her bedside table have been designed based on the concept that they should fit harmoniously in her space, approaching as forms and colors the existing furniture. Vasiliki and her parents, asked us to create a smooth, romantic mood in her room and to incorporate the lighting and the décor in this shabby chic style, which pops up even more during the winter, thanks to a large white carpet. Above her desk, a custom made textile board serves as a memo board. This board, the white linen curtains with the embroidery details, the wallpaper, and also the upholstered bed, they all have the potential to be replaced – modified as Vasiliki will be growing up so as her rooms evolves with her, according to the mood of each age.


D. nursery

Dimitris, newborn.


The baby's nursery had been prepared for him long ago before he was born by his parents to be, with all their love.  The luminous space was completely empty and it served as a white canvas for me to design it. There was no storage unit in this room, so, apart from the baby cot, we had to choose some furniture to cover various needs : a closet, a chest of drawers and a bookcase. The armchair and the side table with storage space underneath, created a functional corner for the parents, while soft, washable baskets gave the solution for soft toys storage. The general pallette was a mix of greys and whites, a combination that inspires calmness and at the same time works as a neutral background for the colourful toys that will appear soon in the future. Tiny points of intensity in a  bright yellow colour give personality and palyfullness at the nursery. The wallpaper followed the same concept, calm and classy, while the olive coloured linen curtain naturally completes the total image.


K. room

Konstantinos, 4 years old.


Konstantino's room was first designed as a nursery and served his needs until the time he was three years old. As toys and books began to full his space, there appeared an increased need for storage tricks. At the same time the baby cot could not any more fit his height. Play role games became his first choice and a new interest in crafts and drawing  emerged.

For all these reasons I chose a middle sized bed so as to leave the maximum available space for Konstantinos to spare his toys. The storage unit has the adequate final height that allows its top surface to be used as a toddler's "desk". The hanging storage unit above it is located at a height easily accesible for a 4 year old boy.

The teepee tent in a natural color occupies considerable space but it deserves it as it works as a house, hospital, backstage, fortress etc during the play role games. Of course it keeps on being Konstantinos's favourite hiding corner.

The personalized carousel wallpaper above his cradle, “narrates” a symbolic dreamy fairy tale about the baby's transition from birth to childhood and stands out as a point of reference in his room.


Yvonni, 9 years old


Ynonni is almost 9 years old now and her room already hosts different activities, so there has emerged the need for a radical change of her space. In order to serve the new needs, the room has been organized in four zones: sleeping, studying, playing and relaxing. At the same time, there is always present the need for the maximum possible storage capacity, so we added in these areas a bookcase, a drawer unit and shelves, since at the pro-adolescent age toys coexist with other entertainment options.

Yvonni asked for a high bed, “almost at the clouds”, so the choice of a loft bed was a certainty, giving us the potential to make the most of the space underneath, in order to create a nook. This area, which, when Yvonni wants it, can be isolated with curtains, plays a significant role at the every day role playing games, since it can be transformed from e reading nook to backstage, from a castle to a spaceship and from a shadow theater to any other imaginative scenery. It also creates the feeling of a bigger room, as the bed lies above the kids' eye level, so they perceive the space as a total.

The desk was put in front of the window, in order to have as  much natural light as possible.

Shelves and and light sources are being developed at several heights in the room, so that all areas will be functional in accordance with their use.

Y. room_ growing

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