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A step further






In case you are interested in the realization of the project by our team, after the completion of the room design, we offer the option to take up the construction of the proposal (the purchase of objects, delivery, assemblage, DIY constructions).


Online complete design of a child's room


This is an economical and effective way to let me design your child's room, from the start up to its details. This service gives parents the possibility to offer to their little one, a planet and at the same time to solve the practical issues that come up, by combining functionality, along with their child's wishes.

This is how it works:

1. Fill in the questionaire which is sent to your e-mail. I also send you simple directions about how to measure and take photos of the room. As soon as you have picked up all these, you can send them to me by e-mail.

2. After setting an appointment, we may talk by phone or skype. You explain your needs, your wishes and your budget and I start to give form to the first ideas.

3. At the first stage I send you my proposal (a ground plan and some general directions). We talk again and once we come up with a solution that covers you completely, I go on with the styling, the accesoring and all the details.

4. Quite shortly you will have a complete proposal for your space at your e-mail, along with a specific plan, ideas for furniture – objects and a buyer's list you can proceed with, or you can use it for further market research.


This service includes:


  • Initial talk through Skype, phone or e-mail.

  • A floor plan of your space along with the position of the objects.

  • A collage showing the styling of the room.

  • Detailed buyer's list (dimensions, prices, shops).

  • Choice of colours for the walls

  • Choice of wallpapers if needed.

  • Explanatory designs where it 's necessary.

  • Directions for the placement of the objects in the room and detailed explanations for DIY constructions or smart crafts.

  • Free of charge telephone (or through Skype) support during

  • the realization of the project.


Partial services


Proposal for colours and general directions for the room's ambient and style


This service includes:

  • Specific codes from colour palettes of various companies.

  • A collage with both text and suggestive pictures which will guide your market research during the construction of the room.



Proposal for the basic furniture


This service includes :

  • A floor plan of the room, based on functionality, where there will be depicted all the basic furniture along with their dimensions and the spots to be placed.

  • Proposal for shops in which you can buy them according to your own budget.


The decoration project, colours, minor objects,

lighting etc. are not included.


Decoration project


This specific project presupposes that the room already has the basic furniture and the colours on the walls, so that we can deal with the choice of the rest of the elements that compose a complete space for the child (lighting, rug, curtains,minor objects etc.)


This service includes :

  • A floor plan with the detailed position of the above objects.

  • A collage with the specific objects.

  • Analytic buyer's list from stores or on line.



Tricky spots


We very often “stick” at specific spots of the room which seem unsolvable. “Difficult” corners, tricky floor plan, weird openings, old furniture that you don't want or that you can not part with. Let's talk on Skype, send me a photo of the spot that troubles you and we will surely find solutions.

After you decide which solution you prefer, I will send you by e-mail

a summary of what we discussed as well as directions with

simple steps to follow for the specific proposal.


Gift design


Offer to your beloved ones a dreamy room for their children.

There isn't a better sense than feeling that they think of you :

  • When you are expecting a baby and you are confused by the countless choices at the stores.

  • When the toddler becomes a child and his parents don't know where to find room for all his stuff.

  • When the child turns into an adolescent and all the possible gifts seem just common.

  • When a moving turns up.

  • When a new baby appears in the family.


By choosing this service, you offer as a gift the design of a child's room. We get in touch with him and prepare an architectural project according to his needs.

Moreover, with an extra charge, he can be sent at the completion of the project online, the printing of the entire project,

packaged as a present, so that he can keep it as a souvenir.


Whichever from the gift services , if printed,

has an additional cost of maximum € 50

for expenses for printing – package – dispatching)


Onsite design


Of course, there is the option for a full onsite design project , if you are not covered with the distance design option. In case you wish a complete design of interiorism for your kids room (project, realization) get in touch with me.

Prices depend on the demands of each project, the location etc. and are settled after my communication with you.