“ Each baby's dream room would be ...

the closest possible to his mother's hug”


When it comes the moment for our new young roomate to settle in his own corner of the house, we want for him/her to feel as safe, calm and happy as possible. Together, we will design a functional nursery, which will serve with style both the baby's and his parents' needs, from the moment of birth and with a provision for his first todller's years. We will analyze each room's corner and special features, so that he can spend the first years of his life in an environment full of tranquility, which at the same time will insure the appropriate stimulation for his healthy growing.

Kids' room

“Each child's dream room would be … different for every child”


Our litlle people live in their own fantastic and exciting world. So, they would be amazed if their room made them feel that in this corner of the house lies is their planet, their kingdom, their hiding place, their shelter, their cloud or whatever else they imagine of. They are still at an age at wich they can cooperate with you, speak to you about their own world and in their special way inspire you for the room of their dreams. Organisation and functionality in the room are very important at this stage so that, with just a few moves, the chaos that comes out after playing, will be settled.

According to your practical needs and your personal style we will create a magical space for a quiet sleep, for creative games or for concetrated study. At the same time, we will carefully choose the decoration according to your child's age, personality and needs. In this way, we will encourage him to feel his room entirely his own so that he can interact with it and fill it up with memories as he grows up.

Teenager's room

“Each adolescent's dream room would be … his own house within the house”


When children grow up to become teenagers, they all need to have their personal space. At the same time they want to be given initiatives when it comes to choose the things that concern them . Talk to them and cooperate! We can offer them the privacy they seek, in combination to the functionality a teenager's room should have.

Teenagers love to hang out in their rooms with friends, a magic place where they could share their secrets and where they could feel safety and intimacy. Calm sleeping, a pleasant space for study, along with organized storage, are considered basic stuff.

According to their needs, we will create the conditions for a smooth transition from a child's room to a litlle - big space.